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What does BIM’s future hold? Archicad 26 is unveiled by Graphisoft

This essay will examine Shesh Gorur, Graphisoft’s new head of product marketing, and the most recent Archicad release. We’ll also discuss the IFC viewer and the business’s new model-sharing technology.

A significant change for the business is Archicad 26. Significant software modifications, such as alterations to the software architecture and a multidisciplinary go-to-market, will be included in this new edition. In the second quarter of 2018, the updated version is anticipated to become accessible. As a result, the business can now provide the construction sector with a complete suite of design and construction software.

Users will be able to select either local processing or cloud processing in Archicad 26. Archicad will also have a high degree of “integrability” with desktop add-ons, add-on libraries, and customizations. In addition, Graphisoft’s new features make it simpler to increase Archicad’s capabilities.

The updated BIMcloud software provides increased privacy protection and safe multidisciplinary cooperation. Additionally, server storage capacity is optimized. Both a subscription and Software as a service are options for BIMcloud. Depending on your demands, it provides three distinct degrees of functionality.

Additionally, Archicad 26 adds additional interoperability, documentation, and collaboration features. These new capabilities make it easier for designers and architects to collaborate with other structural design software like DDScad. Additionally, it enhances data sharing with a one-click direct connect capability and one-touch data transfer.

One of the most well-known architectural software brands, Graphisoft, worked with Apple in 1982 to create an application for the Apple Lisa. Later, it was changed to work with other operating systems, including Windows and macOS. Archicad was first created for architects but quickly expanded to engineers, interior designers, and other technical workers.

The IFC model file format is more interoperable with the most recent version of Archicad. In addition, component-level details like properties and functions can now be included in the exported model. Applications that collaborate may require this information. Check out the Archicad 26 catalog for further details.

A brand-new BIMcloud cloud collaboration platform is now included with Archicad 26. With improved privacy protection, this technology makes it possible to collaborate across disciplines securely. It comes in three distinct versions: BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Pro, and BIMcloud Enterprise, and it minimizes server storage space. In addition, customers don’t need to buy additional hardware because the program is offered as Software as a Service.

Archicad 26 delivers several UI enhancements in addition to new functionalities. Design and documentation will be easier to understand thanks to the Software, which will increase productivity. Additionally, it will facilitate data interchange with other apps and 3D printing.

The new IFC viewer is one of the many new features in this update to Graphisoft’s Archicad 26 program. It can import and export files using the IFC standard. It also comes in several languages and provides a large range of possibilities. For example, the viewer is accessible in French, German, and Austrian in addition to English.

Using the IFC viewer in Archicad, you may examine the content of your projects. Users using Archicad 26 are not charged. The BIMcloud service is furthermore accessible. It is a cloud-based tool for teamwork that encourages cross-disciplinary cooperation. Additionally, it provides better privacy protection. Finally, you don’t need to bother about buying any additional hardware because the program is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The newest version of Graphisoft’s architectural program, ArchiCAD 26, has new features and improved efficiency. Utilizing data from the model, the new version offers improved process automation and refinement. Additionally, a new Navigator search is included, which facilitates discovering goods.

The model-sharing tool known as BIMx from Graphisoft has been improved. Users may now construct a longer model history, and there is no longer a file size restriction per project. Everest, a feature that enables seamless collaboration between structural engineers and architects, is one of the new technologies that Graphisoft has incorporated into the program.

A microkernel that handles essential tasks like loading, security, and licensing management powers Archicad’s new features. These features are then further improved upon using a generic BIM writing layer. This layer can enable plug-ins and extensions for various architectural verticals and is extendable.


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